Our Activities, Our Products and Our Projects Are Expanding

We meet the expectation of our customers with the same sentiment today. We work a lot on this road.
Our activities; shipbuilding, ship repairs and design.


Ship Building


Building and construction fiberglass, aluminum and steel vessels for Zeta Marine in 2003, Turkey, was opened in Tuzla.

The company's main missions are: development of employment opportunities, technical knowledge of personnel, resources, products, and technology opportunities for the processes required for compatibility with the global market. Zet Marine, the only producer of fiberglass aluminum and steel ships and ferries, is moving to take a leading role in the country's maritime industry.

Ship Repair

Zet Marine can repair most damages; It is not important whether we built the ship. Our repair shipyard, located in Turkey's ports easily accessible. We have all the facilities we need to get our customers out of the way as quickly as possible, and as Zet Marine we always offer internationally competitive prices.


Zet Marine was founded on the basis of our long experience and competence in shipbuilding. We offer standardized and at the same time highly sophisticated ship designs with customized customer adaptations. Close cooperation with shipowners is an important factor in the design of special vessels. Experience and knowledge are transferred and integrated into designs in close collaboration with the maritime sector, the gardens of operators and equipment suppliers, shipowners and their representatives. You can design the ship as you like.

Finished projects; Turkmenistan VIP Marina, İ.B.B. Haliç Marina, Solarzet-1.

We will share with you our ongoing projects once they have been completed.

Our products; Pilot chairs, passenger seats, winches, sunscreen screens, wipers, boilers, clean water units.

All of our products, activities and projects are realized in a short time and in a way that will not sacrifice quality to all our customers in Turkey and abroad.

Do not forget! As Zet Marine, we work hard every day to produce suitable solutions for you in the marine field.

Zet Marine