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Thanks to the collaborations we make, we produce high quality products for you. quality products with the brands we are the distributor in Turkey We deliver to you as soon as possible.

The brands we are distributors are the brands that are respected and preferred in the maritime industry. As Zet Marine, our aim is to strengthen our position among the leading organizations of the sector.

M.M S.r.l.

M.M. Grids, FRP (or GRP) have been working in the glass fiber reinforced plastic industry for over thirty-five years, producing high quality gratings, profiles and structures. The intrinsic properties of FRP-GRP (eg corrosion resistance, magnetism, electrical isolation, maintenance free) provide excellent application possibilities. Technical engineering offers customized solutions by providing value added services such as structural calculation for composite materials, feasibility studies for new fiberglass FRP - GRP grids, profiles and structures, corrosion studies, technical consulting, cutting and forming. The company's growth has continued over the years and is still constantly involved in innovation and development. UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certificate and other product certifications for gratings and profiles.


Aislamientos Térmicos de Galicia (AISTER) is a market leader in national and international craft projects in steel, aluminum or polyethylene industry and marine insulation, marine accommodation and carpentry, aquaculture, boiler construction and port facilities and marina construction.

Since its launch in 1987 in Ría de Vigo in the north-west of Spain, AISTER has been committed to becoming a leader in each of its industry segments. Objectives: to offer products that combine quality, design, research and technology.

Aister has about 100 workers, 25,000 square meters facility and own technical department which is designed to answer all kinds of questions about technical and assembly operations with high quality and high experience in the sector.

Aister has expanded its cross-border activities with construction products exports and more than 30 countries around the world: China, the United Arab Emirates, Peru and Angola.


Seaflex is ideal for anchoring bonito in deep water or where water levels change. It is a unique structure made of elastic rubber fixed to the sea floor and connected to rope and dub. The tension created by the Seaflex allows it to move up and down when it is in place. Seaflex has a long life, is low maintenance and has proven to be very safe. Designed for the most demanding conditions.


Gallinea S.r.l. Founded in 1959 and established itself in the production of electrical and electronic parts for the marine industry. In this sector, we have improved technical, design and service experience with consistency and stability. Thanks to a reliable relationship developed with the main boat builders, Gallinea has taken an important place in the maritime industry. With regard to products, technical know-how and design, this sector represents the best expression of "Made in Italy". Gallinea is always looking for interaction with its clients, who are leaders in making crafts.

For this reason, Gallinea can benefit from a broad network of internal and external production links, not just about individual products, but also with the intention of offering the best service to its customers. Products, technical support and resolution of final problems.

In 2007, the Boat Innovation Department was developed to meet the growing needs of modern boat manufacturers. These developments have been identified as "Dolce Vita", which focuses on the latest and up-to-date products, design, lifestyle research.


'Our goal is to be the market leader in design, quality and function. We achieve this goal by continuously developing our product range using the latest technology to create the most appropriate and user-friendly products possible. We look to the future and we develop tomorrow's products with the best relationship between price, performance and quality in the market. "

"When we develop our products, we focus on an attractive, simple and classic design that fits into all aspects. Our professional designers have many years of experience and work collaboratively with our customers and users. We develop the electronic controls used in our payment system by ourselves. Finally, we know that our products need to be able to be done both quickly and intelligently, and that the customer benefits from the ultimate analysis. "

We have over 25 years of experience working with aluminum and provide a uniform and very high installation quality in the electrical installation and final installation with authorized employees.

The work we have done since 2003 makes Zet Marine more powerful with the support of our distributors.
Leading organizations in the sector; M.M. S.r.l, Aister, Seaflex, Gallinea, Tallkey brands. We provide faster, more quality solutions to our customers' needs and expectations.

Zet Marine