Zet Marine Produces Solutions for Many Needs


Founded in 2003 in Tuzla, Zet Marine operates in more than one area of ​​maritime business.


Since it has been producing high quality marine equipment since its inception, it is highly experienced in the shipbuilding industry. Our company, devoted to the production and delivery of quality products in the sector, produces appropriate solutions for your needs. Headquartered in Tuzla, which is the heart of the shipbuilding and maritime industry in Turkey. However, you do not have to be in Tuzla just to get help from us. If you submit your requests and requests, your party will be returned as soon as possible.

Zet Marine produces solutions to customer needs from all over the world.

Zet Marine is the main target for us, as it is cost effective, produces quick solutions, and most importantly, keeps the qualities always on the front while doing them.

How are we doing?

We buy our power from our experience in the sector. Since 2003 we have been providing services without interruption.

Most importantly, we never mistook those who preferred us. Because, for us, your satisfaction is everything.

There are many collaborations we have made not only with the private sector but also with the public institutions. VIP Marine Project in Turkmenistan, İ.B.B. Haliç Marine Project is only a few of these.

You can easily get support from us and check our references. You can browse blog entries about the subject and instantly benefit from our live support section.

You can reach us at number 0216 494 24 42, email info@zetmarine.com.

You can reach us easily and get offers. We are very happy to help you.

Zet Marine