M.M. S.r.l

M.M. Gratings has been dealing in the FRP ( or GRP ) fiberglass reinforced plastic industry for over thirty-five years by producing gratings, profiles and structures of high quality. The intrinsic properties of FRP - GRP (e.g. resistance to corrosion, non-magnetism, electric insulation, maintenance free) enables great application possibilities.

The company provides specific solutions to its customers by offering value-added services, such as technical engineering, structural calculating for composite materials, feasibility studies for new fiberglass FRP - GRP gratings, profiles and structures, corrosion studies, technical advice, cutting and shaping.

The firm’s growth has continued in the years and is still continuously involved in innovation and development. It has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification and other product certifications for gratings and profiles.



Aislamientos Térmicos de Galicia (AISTER) is a market leading company in national and international craft projects of steel, aluminum or polyethylene industrial and marine insulations, naval accommodation and carpentry, aquaculture, boiler making, and construction of port facilities and marinas.

Based in the Ría de Vigo, northwestern Spain, since it began operations in 1987, AISTER is committed to being a leader in each of the sectors in which it is introduced. Their goal: to offer products that combine quality, design, research and technology.

AISTER employs about 100 workers, facilities totaling 25,000 square meters and own technical department, designed to respond immediately to any questions, both technical and assembly operations, with highly qualified and highly experience in the sector.

AISTER has expanded its activities beyond its borders, with exports of construction products and more than 30 countries around the world: China, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Angola.


Seaflex is ideal for mooring pontoons in deep water or where water levels vary. It is a unique construction made of flexible rubber hawsers fixed to the seabed and connected to the pontoon by rope. The tension created by Seaflex allows the pontoon to move up and down while remaining in place. Seaflex has a long life, requires little maintenance and has proven to be very safe. It can be designed for the toughest conditions. 


Tallykey a/s develops and manufactures supply pedestals for power and water that also includes a system for consumption control and access control. In addition, we develop software for control and administration of harbors, marinas, camping sites and other urban sites.

We deliver simple supply pedestals without meters, or pedestals with digital meters, wireless remote reading and online self-service and payment solutions. Our solutions for payment and access control are based on the markets’ most robust technology, offering a vast range of options and functions.

Our solutions match most needs and requirements. From simple systems for control consumption billing to complete administration systems with wireless data update and advanced statistics.

What is common for all our products is a unique design, long lifespan, reliable construction and user-friendly operation for both administrators and guests.

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